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🎥 Mastering iPhone Video Recording with Music

Learn how to master iPhone video recording with music. Follow these step-by-step instructions to select your music, set up music playback, start recording video, and save your video with music.

Mastering iPhone Video Recording with Music

Hand selecting a song on Apple Music app
Select Your Music
First, choose the music you want to play in the background of your video. You can select a song from your Apple Music library or any other music app you have on your iPhone. Make sure the song is downloaded on your device.
Control Center on iPhone with music playing
Set Up Music Playback
Next, navigate to the Control Center and press the Play button. This will start playing your selected song. Make sure to adjust the volume to your desired level.
Hand pressing the record button on iPhone's Camera app
Start Recording Video
Now, quickly switch to the Camera app without stopping the music. Choose the video mode and press the record button. The music will continue playing in the background while you're recording.
Hand pressing the stop button on iPhone's Camera app
Save Your Video
Once you've finished recording, press the stop button. Your video will automatically save to your Camera Roll with the music playing in the background.

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